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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Outfit Of The Day: I Love My Self And I Wanna Live.

So I told my self that I would post an outfit of the day, a diary almost of what I have been wearing. I realized that I have only posted this once, so hear is outfit number 2. 

 To day I had to go back into college to paint plywood to be the back drop for the college exhibition, completely a waist of time, but I didn't want to wear something which I would mind getting rewind. So I put on a pair of legins and an old T-shirt which I cut the sleeves of and opened up the neck line. {along with a few accessories of corse.} 

I got the top at Bordmasters festival at Newquay about 3 years a go, Its a top from the blackout with the slogan "I love myself and i wanna live" :)

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