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Sunday, 9 June 2013

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Outfit of the day: heart in hand

So this is yesterdays outfit of the day. I am wearing a long grey column maxi dress which has been shredded in the skirt. It is clinched in at the waist with a narrow studded belt. 
Over the top I am wearing a mesh short sleeved crop top and my Heart In Hand beanie which i got at slam dunk festival in Hatfeild. I got loads of compliments about the dress and even had one guy bet the number of tattoos i had, He did wrongly guess that the guy I'm with would have 6 tattoos and is a musician (which actuly describes my ex)but any way hear it is...

As i said i got the hat at Slam Dunk, and I've got to say that heart in hand were amazing :) so at the end of the evening i brought my self this, as after all who can resist buying a beanie. any way the guys were at the stall when i brought it who insisted on taking a photo of me in it. just a shame they never uploaded it so i couldn't show you the picture.