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Friday, 25 May 2012

shoes and studs, oh how pretty

So a wile a go, I got these black wedges off ebay; and well they didn't quite fit. You see im a 6.5 with narrow feet normally wear size 7. So I brought these shoes in an 8, they fall right off. I know, I know, I didn't exactly think it through. But in my defense it did say in the description they better fit a size 7. 

Any way, I decided to jazz the wedges up a little i know they don't fit, i'll get to that later. So using the cone studs added to my jumper:

There are 8 studs at the front of each shoe and 2 at the back. Each is applied by a screws and dousent effect the wear. 

so now what to do with these pretty not so little shoes, resell them of corse. im putting them back on ebay :) I brought them for £18, and are selling them for £15, a bargain when you think i customized them my self. 

i might just have do do this to a pair for me. 

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