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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


This skirt was inspired was by the victorian period which lies between 1839- 1901. I started looking at the royals, with all their finery. However, with the death of price Albert a major part of Victoria's life, I then began to look at mourning. I became fascinated by the way that the passing of a loved one, especially in the case of loosing a husband, meant that a woman would only be able to wear black for a year. It could take up to two before a widow could wear colour again. 

 supporting the skirt corolin i made my self and above that are layers apon layers of ruffles all sewn into a elasticated waist band.[the bodice is from All saints- unfortunately not something I made my self.] 
 Then on the train are hundreds of little folded satin circles all sewn on by hand. 

 a couple of pictures from my college fashion show. 

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