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Saturday, 12 July 2014

No internet so a quick post when I can,

When I first got to Amsterdam I had every intention of posting at least once a week, but within a week of my arrival and just a couple of days after my last post the internet suddenly went down, right in the middle of me watching Edward Scissor hands. It doesn’t matter how many times I may have seen the film, I am still not impressed at not being able to finish it. But have no fear, I have been informed that the Internet should be up and running again on the first of August.

So what have I been up to since my last post? Well in all honestly I haven’t been up to that much. I am trying to get the research for my dissertation all done. As far as exploring the city goes, I haven’t done much yet, which is largely down to bad weather and expensive tram fairs into the city, this coming weekend with my months city tram card in place I am planning on aimlessly wandering round the city visiting museums and quite frankly just getting lost.

These past few weeks I have learnt and observed so much working at Tommy, firstly was the fact that it wasn’t just Hilfiger Denim that I was working for, but also Calvin Klein Jeans. In fact I think I have done more work for the CK line than TH.
For the first two weeks; my days mainly consisted of measuring garments against their sec and their pattern on the gerber system, and stating what ones where out of tolerance. Although tedious measuring and re-measuring garments, it helped accustom my brain to the use of inches appose to CM and help to recognise the standard measurements for sample sizes. As well as getting used to the filing system. Which is still rather mind-boggling.
As the days have worn on I have started to carry out miner alterations to patterns that was given as excises to re a customize my self to the system as well as all the short cuts, some of these were sent to sample rooms and now I am even given patterns that are being sent straight to factories.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer in Amsterdam Week 1: Arrival

As some of you may be aware I am going to be spending this summer living and working in Amsterdam. For my final project of my second year at university I had a collaboration project with Tommy Hilfiger Denim (link leads to my hilfiger post) from this Hilfiger offered me a summer internship at their European head office in Amsterdam; and hear i am, sitting in my new apartment in Osdorp, after my first day as a new employee. 

I arrived in the city on wednesday the 18th after a quick flight (only about 40 minuets top, most of which I slept for) and was greeted at arrivals by my own personal chauffeur- equipped with a Hilfiger sign with my name on it- and loaded my three suitcases (one full of books originally hand luggage into a brand new black Merrcedes with blacked out windows. Even in my ripped skinny jeans, vintage denim coat and beat up DM's I couldn't help but feel slightly important as he helped me into the back of the car.      

However it was hear that a little bit of trouble did arise, for the night before I flew out Hilfiger had a launch party which the whole office including my relocation officer attended. That morning, in a 'slightly' hungover state, the wrong address got sent out. My wrong address!! And i was dropped off at a very snazzy set of office blocks with pent house apartments at the top. My driver unloaded the car and helped me to the reception, before returning to his car. I sent the girl I was moving in with a text saying I was down stairs, and went up to the receptionist, only to find out I was at the wrong address. 

Thankfully my driver was yet to leave, and he was able to sort out someone else to look after his next client while he figured out where I was supposed to be. In the back of the car I was starting to get a little panicked, Yasmin, my new flat mate hadn't responded to my text, and she didn't answer the buzzer when I got to her apartment. Thankfully when I got up to her door, she did answer it straight away… so panic over. 

The first couple of days was a mix Yasmin showing me the aria of Osdorp and me trying to figure out my way in Amsterdam, and find the Hilfiger HQ in preparation for monday, of course all the exploring was done along side research for my dissertation. After all, no rest for the wicked.         

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hilfiger Denim

My final project for my second year of university was a group calibration project with Tommy Hilfiger's Denim line. 

For this project I was put into a group with 5 of my peers, in which we would design a capsule collection of 8 outfits (making 6 meaning 1 each) for either S/S15 or A/W16 for this collection we would have to come up with a location in the States and an activity tying in with the location in keeping with the Hilfigers all American family vibe. 

To make this project even more exiting we were able to Skype with the head designer and pattern cutter from the Hilfiger line giving us an amazing opportunity to pick the brains of Hilfiger and give us an incredible in site into what they were looking for, one thing that they were particularly interested in was the mixing of different fabrics and having unexpected elements within the collection.      

As if being able to Skype with the guys from Hilfiger wasn't enough the head pattern cutter Phil, flew in to meet with us for our fitting review, but I am getting ahead of my self. 
As a group we settled on the location of Nantucket. 

We came up with the idea of the girls weekend away; the sisters and cousins going away to their old family holiday home, where they go fishing, play tennis and go sailing. Mixing both the clothes they brought with them and the clothing belonging to their fathers and grandfathers which have been at the home for generations. Combining the use of larger silhouette's with more fitted garments, which we mirrored with a heavy use of denim compered with more modern fabrics and finishings, such as Ripstop Nylons and bonded mesh. 


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

outfit: yayer

The outfit I wore to this years Graduate fashion week.



 dress: Yayer Vintage collection 
Shirt: The Ragged Priest 
Bowler Hat: Camden Market  
Shoes: Asos 
Fishnet socks: ebay

silver hair

So a few months ago I decided to treat my self. It was valentines day to be exact, something that has become a bit of tradition with me (spending money on myself, last year a tattoo, this year it was new hair) 
I had wanted to go silver for a long time, and went to bleach London to get my roots done and a silver toner put in. months have past since then and just by using a silver shampoo a couple of times a week has kept the colour up.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tailored Coat

I realise that it has been quite a while since i last posted, and that quite frankly isn't on. So I am sorry about that. I haven't gone away, I have just been busy this year at uni, very, very busy. 

So the fist project I had this year was tailoring. My focus was a mix of traditional country english tailoring mixed with bikers. I also developed my own print which was originality supposed to be for linings, however dew to my funds dwindling  away (this may of been in part because of my determination to use real Harris Tweed) 

 for this project i decided as it was tailoring  I had to try my hand at mens wear, and I fell in love with it!! Although we did have to design both for mens and women's wear. 

As well as developing prints I also tried my hand at dying wool. I would love to be able to create my own knitwear, but being a lefty I have found it impossible to learn how to knit (with only knowing right handed people who have tried and failed at teaching me) 

 Any way, enough of my illustrations, and lets get on with my garment:  
my Toile: A long slim fitting coat with an asymmetrical lapel so that the left side goes over the body. 
vent in the centre back. 
high pitch sleeve.