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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Hilfiger Denim

My final project for my second year of university was a group calibration project with Tommy Hilfiger's Denim line. 

For this project I was put into a group with 5 of my peers, in which we would design a capsule collection of 8 outfits (making 6 meaning 1 each) for either S/S15 or A/W16 for this collection we would have to come up with a location in the States and an activity tying in with the location in keeping with the Hilfigers all American family vibe. 

To make this project even more exiting we were able to Skype with the head designer and pattern cutter from the Hilfiger line giving us an amazing opportunity to pick the brains of Hilfiger and give us an incredible in site into what they were looking for, one thing that they were particularly interested in was the mixing of different fabrics and having unexpected elements within the collection.      

As if being able to Skype with the guys from Hilfiger wasn't enough the head pattern cutter Phil, flew in to meet with us for our fitting review, but I am getting ahead of my self. 
As a group we settled on the location of Nantucket. 

We came up with the idea of the girls weekend away; the sisters and cousins going away to their old family holiday home, where they go fishing, play tennis and go sailing. Mixing both the clothes they brought with them and the clothing belonging to their fathers and grandfathers which have been at the home for generations. Combining the use of larger silhouette's with more fitted garments, which we mirrored with a heavy use of denim compered with more modern fabrics and finishings, such as Ripstop Nylons and bonded mesh. 


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