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Monday, 9 July 2012

Outfitts of the day: Men Don't Protect You Any More


Just a little bit of grungie style, wet look leggings: plaid shirt, and a Nirvana vest. With of corse a selection of jewelry :) 


  1. i love this shirt with kurt cobain :)
    where did you get it????
    please simply comment below this cause i´ve no own blog :(
    thanks, nini

  2. hey thanks, i got it from ebay :) i get loads of my stuff from there :P

  3. well thanks :)
    i found a similar shirt there...
    i think i´ll make myself an account to follow you :)
    i like your style :)
    yours, nini

  4. thanks, i need to get back in to the habit of posting on hear, i have been slacking lately.

  5. hey, anonymous nini here again :)
    i checked out all your websites and i have to say, its amazing!!!
    so i created my own blog to find more of that awesome blogs :)
    bye then, nini