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Friday, 8 June 2012

messy Knot Bun

a simple way to put your hair up, (I'll get a better photo soon) 

  • first sprits a bit of sea salt spray in your hair and "ruffle" it up to add texture. 
  • bring all your hair over one shoulder and split in to 2 sections and tie in to a knot.- This can take a bit of practice and isn't always neat. but hay thats the point ;) 
  • Pull the knot tight so it sits against the neck/ scalp and tie another knot. 
  • pull this knot tight and secure with a clear rubber band. 
  • back comb the ends of the hair and pin to the underside of the knot. 
  • secure in place in with more pins and sprits with hair spray 
I don't know if the instructions make sense, but there you go :)

I will try to get some more photos up soon 

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