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Saturday, 12 July 2014

No internet so a quick post when I can,

When I first got to Amsterdam I had every intention of posting at least once a week, but within a week of my arrival and just a couple of days after my last post the internet suddenly went down, right in the middle of me watching Edward Scissor hands. It doesn’t matter how many times I may have seen the film, I am still not impressed at not being able to finish it. But have no fear, I have been informed that the Internet should be up and running again on the first of August.

So what have I been up to since my last post? Well in all honestly I haven’t been up to that much. I am trying to get the research for my dissertation all done. As far as exploring the city goes, I haven’t done much yet, which is largely down to bad weather and expensive tram fairs into the city, this coming weekend with my months city tram card in place I am planning on aimlessly wandering round the city visiting museums and quite frankly just getting lost.

These past few weeks I have learnt and observed so much working at Tommy, firstly was the fact that it wasn’t just Hilfiger Denim that I was working for, but also Calvin Klein Jeans. In fact I think I have done more work for the CK line than TH.
For the first two weeks; my days mainly consisted of measuring garments against their sec and their pattern on the gerber system, and stating what ones where out of tolerance. Although tedious measuring and re-measuring garments, it helped accustom my brain to the use of inches appose to CM and help to recognise the standard measurements for sample sizes. As well as getting used to the filing system. Which is still rather mind-boggling.
As the days have worn on I have started to carry out miner alterations to patterns that was given as excises to re a customize my self to the system as well as all the short cuts, some of these were sent to sample rooms and now I am even given patterns that are being sent straight to factories.

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