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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Outfit of the day: boho maxi dress

I know these pictures aren't really grate from seeing the dress, but i am wearing a hearts and bows maxi dress with a narrow pink studded leather belt with silver studs and  feather head band. I wore it to a vow renewal the other week and i got lots of compliments for what i was wearing and in particular my hair. 

I love this dress and i promise to get a full length picture up soon. 

Rose hip tattoo

About a month a go I went and got my hip tattooed. 

I love it, 3 roses and a rose bud. It took 2 hours and is about the size of my hand. This was my first tattoo and it wasn't as bad as every one seemed to make out it was going to be. I'm contempt with just this one at the moment, though who knows what will happen in the future.  

I think the worlds view on tattoos are changing, there defiantly becoming more acceptable. there about freedom and self expression. Yes in 50-60 years time nursing homes will be full of men and women covered in tattoos, but it showed that they lived their lives and have stories to tell, there ink wont be as crisp and detailed as it was when first done, but the technology and quality of the ink is always going to be improving so who knows what a tattoo done today will look like in 50 years time, and hay you could always get them touched up... and now I'm rambling so i better go. 

hope you like my tat. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

dip dyed again :)

I have re-dip dyed my hair, just pink this time :) photos from my instigram account 

 I have used crazy colour in pink (i didn't re-bleach my hair this time) and have added purple over the pink on some strands to make a deeper pink.

Friday, 8 June 2012

messy Knot Bun

a simple way to put your hair up, (I'll get a better photo soon) 

  • first sprits a bit of sea salt spray in your hair and "ruffle" it up to add texture. 
  • bring all your hair over one shoulder and split in to 2 sections and tie in to a knot.- This can take a bit of practice and isn't always neat. but hay thats the point ;) 
  • Pull the knot tight so it sits against the neck/ scalp and tie another knot. 
  • pull this knot tight and secure with a clear rubber band. 
  • back comb the ends of the hair and pin to the underside of the knot. 
  • secure in place in with more pins and sprits with hair spray 
I don't know if the instructions make sense, but there you go :)

I will try to get some more photos up soon