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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Working Drawings for warehouse project

 For a project I am currently doing at university I have been set the task of designing a collection of 10 outfits (we only have to make 2 garnets which can create an outfit) for the british clothing company Warehouse. Andrea the jersey designer for warehouse came in to brief us and gave us 4 trends we could choose from for SS13 to bace our collection on, these being: Masai, Binary, Flounce and NYC Grunge. 

Any one who has seen my previous work, or that knows me would of properly expected me to pick the grunge trend. I was tempted, but instead i decided to go with Masai as a means of pushing myself and my work. The dress below is one of the pieces from my collection that I will be making. 
 The main body of the dress will be made from a fine jersey with a black chiffon bodice which features stud and chain detail along the neck line and a twisted and knotted detail at the waist. 
I should be making the toile for this in the next week and will be posting pictures of the toile as well as my other work soon. :) 


  1. i´m looking forward to see the results of your project :)

    1. thanks :) well hopefully i will have the dress made up in production next week. so when the dress is made i shall be posting them :)