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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

denim shirt with patch pocket

This is a vintage denim shirt which has been re-made and re constructed for a modern fit and to be in keeping with to days "vintage grunge" fashions. 

A heavily woven silk 'tribal/ethnic' fabric has been sewn onto the right breast pocket giving the shirt a unique edge over other denim shirts as it is also highly in keeping with the tribal trends for this summer. 

 the width of the shirt when flat is 24" from the bottom of the arm hole to arm hole. and the length from the bottom of the collar stand to the hem is 27" making it perfect for a unisex garment especially if worn over sized

This shirt is a statement item and highly in keeping with current fashion trends, yet this shirt has the benefit of being a one off, you will stand out from the crowd in it. 

As all of the details have been done by hand this shirt is truly a one of a kind and there is no other garment exactly like it. 

This shirt is one of a kind and is a truly unique vintage revival piece.

for sale at:  


  1. I love this styling - I've always had a a massive weakness for oversized denim shirts :3 and it looks so good over that top! <3

  2. Thank you :) I love oversized shirts as well, I'm selling them on my etsy store and I'm currently doing some shorts as well, I just find it difficult trying not to wear everything i make to sell. so if you ever want any one off and custom pieces just pop over ;)