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Friday, 5 October 2012

Freshers flue

I haven't posted on hear in a wile, and I think I should apologise, in the last month I have moved away to university. I think its time for an update don't you? Well, I'm now a fully enrolled student at the university of the creative arts Rochester, studying fashion design. 

 First night we were given a t-shirt to cut up and went to a club "tap 'n' tin" were the them was zombie night, now didn't i make such an effort.... 

 next came geeks and nerds at the source bar.... braces, bow ties, glasses....

 then came the UV paint party, yet another picture to cut up + UV Paint hoses, with in 10 minuets you look like crap but know one cares...

Ok, so it dousing really sound like iv done a lot in the last month or so, and i suppose for the typical freshers i haven't, but iv had nights sipping cocktails with my wonderful new flat mates, film nights, chilling and relaxing. but now the hard for begins. and I promise to post more. and soon. 

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