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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

vintage denim shirt #5

This is a vintage denim shirt which has been re-made and re constructed for a modern fit and to be in keeping with to days "vintage grunge" fashions. 

The shirt is long sleeved although the images do show the sleeves rolled up. 

The shirt has been treated with bleach to at both the front and back giving a speckled lived in dyed effect which has been used to create both the "X" on both front breast pockets as well as the inverted cross on the back. 

This shirt is a statement item and highly in keeping with current fashion trends, yet this shirt has the benefit of being a one off, you will stand out from the crowd in it. 

As all of the details have been done by hand this shirt is truly a one of a kind and there is no other garment exactly like it. 

This shirt is one of a kind and is a truly unique vintage revival piece.

This shirt is for sale in my etsy store, so if you like it go have a look. 

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