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Monday, 6 August 2012

vintage denim shirt for sale #3

so this is the replacement shirt of #1 which i am selling on etsy 

  • This is a vintage denim shirt which has been re-made and re constructed for a modern fit and to be in keeping with to days "vintage grunge" fashions. 
  • The shirt is alight blue denim which has been dip dyed in bleach giving a speckled effect (the colours may vary from monitor to monitor) 
  • There are 7 gold spikes hanging from the collar as a design fetcher. 
  • the sleeves have been removed and the hem has been cut leaving a raw fraying edge along with distressing of the fabric giving a worn in look.  
  • in the style of urban outfitters renewal 
This shirt is one of a kind and is a truly unique vintage revival piece. 

the shirt is designed to be over sized but i am typically a english size 10.

so if you like it give it a cheeky look :P 

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