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Monday, 2 July 2012

his jeans looked better on me any way.

These are a pair of shorts i made from a pair of my ex's jeans. And sorry to disappoint you but i didn't cut them up out hatred of for closure. He completely destroyed them playing football waiting for a bus, ripping the fabric at the crotch beyond repair (i have sewn up many of his jeans countless times) and i got them for scrap fabric. 


  •  I started by cutting the length of the legs still keeping the shorts quite long at this stage and keeping the bottom of the legs for scrap.
  • I then unpinned the waist band and belt loops and then unpinned the front back and side seams. (I kept the back yoke, pockets and zip in, basically because I'm lazy) 
  • using the scrap denim i patched up the larger holes in the fabric and darned the smaller ones. 
  • I then pinned and tacked the front and back pieces back together, putting them on to check fit and adjusting. 
  • once i was happy with the fit i sewed the seems together using a flat welt down the center front and back, reversed lapped seam along the outer leg this left the edges exposed for a more distressed look and a kind of patchwork lapped type seem along the inside legs. 
  • at this point i would have reattached the waist band and belt loops, only they went walkies, so I'm leaving that off, but it adds to the distressed effect. 

  • I then cut the shorts to length and dipped in bleach. (unfortunately they turned orange not white/gray, but nether mind. 

  • once rinsed and dried I continued by adding dome studs to the back pocket and the front and dripped and distressed the fabric. 


i love the outcome, now i just need to get out and wear them ;)

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