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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Outfit of the day: heart in hand

So this is yesterdays outfit of the day. I am wearing a long grey column maxi dress which has been shredded in the skirt. It is clinched in at the waist with a narrow studded belt. 
Over the top I am wearing a mesh short sleeved crop top and my Heart In Hand beanie which i got at slam dunk festival in Hatfeild. I got loads of compliments about the dress and even had one guy bet the number of tattoos i had, He did wrongly guess that the guy I'm with would have 6 tattoos and is a musician (which actuly describes my ex)but any way hear it is...

As i said i got the hat at Slam Dunk, and I've got to say that heart in hand were amazing :) so at the end of the evening i brought my self this, as after all who can resist buying a beanie. any way the guys were at the stall when i brought it who insisted on taking a photo of me in it. just a shame they never uploaded it so i couldn't show you the picture. 


  1. I love what you did with the skirt :3 You look beaut m'dear!
    And I know you were saying about having trouble getting people to take your photos for you- could you set up a camera on a ledge or a table or something on self timer opposite a wall? And then you could stand next to the wall that you get the camera to focus on so everything should be in focus ^.^ or you could get a camera remote and sensor and then all you have to do is press the remote and it triggers the camera! (That's what I've used for years, and now if my boyfriend isn't around to take them for me) :3 I hope I could help!

    1. thanks :) and I'm going to have to try and do that more, iv been meaning to get a SLR off ebay for some time so I might just have to invest in a tripod as well :)